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Gutter maintenance

Learn proper gutter maintenance

Clean your gutters in the spring and fall and don’t let leaves and other debris start accumulating in the down spouts. Check your gutters yourself, often, to ensure water is flowing through them freely, and is running away from the direction of your home. Leaf protection systems are your best defense against clogged gutters.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do clean your gutters in the spring and fall when there is lots of debris falling

  • Do put gutter protection systems on your gutters

  • Do invest in a high quality seamless gutter system instead of buying inferior vinyl sectional gutters

  • Do make sure your landscape is sloped away from your foundation

  • Don’t power wash your gutters as it can cause permanent damage to the gutters and siding

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We offer free inspections of your gutters or drainage system. If you notice problems after a big storm, call on us. We would love to come look at your system for free!

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While you are removing leaves, debris, or anything else from your gutters, be sure to take a look for any corrosion, holes, dents, or any other damage to your gutters. If you notice anything, give us a call immediately so that we can come and make repairs for you.


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